Tuesday, February 4, 2020

We in America clearly don't get it.

Until hashtags and articles and award speeches turn into action and personal change, our culture will continue to lean towards moral failure.

About two years ago, I posted a four-part series on the disconnect our culture has between being OK with making sex a part of almost everything and the continued issues of sexual harassment, body-shaming, human trafficking, and the like.

This past weekend, the Super Bowl Halftime Show clearly made a statement that says, "A woman's body is her main feature."  No, I did not watch it.  Yes, I realize the incredible amount of talent that was represented and displayed on that stage.  All I needed to know is that, in my circles where the TV was left on at halftime, men were embarrassed to watch it with their wives, parents were embarrassed to watch it with their children, and church groups who kept it on were filled with awkwardness. 

It is February, 2020.  What I wrote in December, 2017 still applies and still calls out our world system for pandering to the basic lusts of people rather than being willing to see people for who they really are.  I'm certainly not bragging about what I wrote, but I am pointing a spotlight on the Creator of truth that brought about those observations over 2 years ago.

If we don't start listening to truth and doing the things that Part 4 of my blog series (based on God's truth) suggest, we will find ourselves in a crisis much worse than what brought on the #MeToo Movement.