Monday, November 20, 2017

The Societal Cancer We Don't Address, Part 2 of 4

I don't want to make decisions based on how it feels or whether it's popular, there's got to be a better and healthier way.  Guess what, society does not lead us down the right road.

I have not watched pornography in years and yet, in my mind, it doesn't take too long to think about pornographic images that I have put in front of my eyes, even the "light-hearted" movies with nudity that I've chosen to watch.  Back then, I would have to seek out and plan and secretly watch such things.  Oh, the times have changed!  Now, we have Game of Thrones on HBO in homes all across America being watched by youth and adults alike (and most likely children).  It's extremely popular because of its great acting, writing, and such and it is even celebrated for "breaking barriers."  But is this really how we want to our society to learn and relearn sexual responsibility?  Do we even care to put those two words together?  Being public and "free" about our bodies and our sexual activities has been more and more accepted since the sexual revolution of the 60's and 70's.  Do I need to quote the clear statistics about the growing problem of unwanted pregnancies and children growing up without both parents?  How about the clear link between pre-marital sex and the increased risk of STDs, unhealthy relationships, and economic challenges?

The only education that works is involved parents (or parent) who have discreet, wise, honest conversations about what it means to respect the opposite sex and how to view your own body.  No parent in their right mind would say to their child, "Come watch us do it!"  Yet, that is what we're doing when we allow images and movies and entertainers "help" raise our children and even influence our parenting decisions.

I write this blog not because I know lots of people will read, but because it's something I need to record.  I will not be silent while I raise my six children in a country that is ignoring signs of their own moral, emotional, social, and, quite possibly, physical demise.  If you can show me any type of proof that says that being "honest" and blatant about your sexuality and doing it whenever you feel like doing it is the healthiest thing for you and for the culture, I will shut my mouth and never type a word about it.  The fact is, the opposite is true.  When we become loose about our morals, especially as it relates to our sexuality, we become as a society more violent, less accepting of others, more selfish, less healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.  Whole cultures have been effected because they have not been mindful of right and wrong.  They haven't only been loose about sexual morals but have mocked those who have said there is such a thing as right and wrong.  Even if you disagree with Randy Alcorn's conclusion, this brief article from 1993 is hauntingly applicable to today.

I'm not predicting doom and gloom for the USA (nor do I have the intellect and insight to do such), but let me tell you that our sexual laziness is something that's right in front of our eyes.  We're ignoring it because it's too much fun and it's too comfortable.  We don't want to be the oddball.  When it comes down to it, it's an attitude that has betrayed man ever since the beginning: we shake our fist at God by saying, "I know better!"  Friends, we do NOT know better.  We don't know better, but we do need to know the one who is better, the one who created us.

I will, until the day I die, fight for the cause of the word of God (The Bible) because it is the truth.  People will say, "How do you know?  How can you be so arrogant to say that it is any more truthful than any other holy book?" Well, we could go down that road and I would be happy to interact with you somehow, whether it's face to face or email exchanges, to have honest conversations about this.  From my personal experience and after interacting with people and experts for about 30 years and having talked with people who have tried everything else, the Bible wins in all areas. 
  • Go ahead, find out what the other books actually say and actually claim about themselves.  
  • Go ahead, find out which one has been best maintained from the time it was written.  
  • Go ahead, beyond any of these proofs, find out how truth-filled the Bible actually is, from beginning to end, and how consistent it is.  
You wouldn't trust just any doctor that says that they know the healthiest thing to do.  Is a witch doctor the same as a medical doctor?  How do you decide?  Well, there's a trust, a history, a clear evidence of schooling and experience and bedside manor.  But ultimately, does he or she help you make healthy choices and do they really care.

So, I urge you, take a look at the Bible, for the consequences of not doing so are evident . . . Part 3 will look more into this as we seek to find the real cure to our societal cancer of sexual passiveness.

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